Our Team

Everyone of our key staff at E.B.S. focuses 100% of our attention on you – the key element in our success is that we have all been there ourselves.

We have walked in your shoes before and understand the feelings and experiences that come with owning and running a business. The constant pressures and thoughts that are required to manage a successful team and business.

Our experiences in a wide variety of industries and across all stages of the business lifecycle and general life will provide an approach that understands what works for one person or business may not work for another.

Having the skills to adapt and rethink a lesson or approach is a major asset of our team.

Where some coaches or brokers may simply pass this problem into the too hard basket and turn to low hanging fruit, we don't, we relish challenges.

“After all, we are here to support you in your Business Coaching and or Business Sale journey.”

Jamie Zuidema


Hi, I’m Jamie, a founding owner of Essential Business Services. I’m married with two wonderful daughters and I reside on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I love sports and outdoor adventure with Kakoda, White water rafting the Franklin and the Grand Canyon and many other hiking expeditions completed.  Years ago I completed a number of business degrees and I am also a certified practitioner of coaching with studies in NLP, Deep State Re-patterning, Meta Dynamics, Ultimate Influence, Public Speaking, and the highly regarded Thought Dynamics, as well as being a member of the International Coach Guild (ICG).

     Prior to Essential Business Services, I operated a number of my own businesses as well as working in several others. My roles in these businesses were extremely varied and gave me extensive knowledge across all areas of business.

     “A feeling” that something was missing in my life, combined with the love of seeing businesses and people grow, has enabled me to now live what I call the 'life of my dreams' and I would only be too happy to share my thoughts on how you can do the same.

Paul Nunn


Hi, I am Paul, a founding owner of Essential Business Services. I’m married with an amazing wife and young family (son and daughter). My unique blend of business skills was acquired during years of doing the hard yards in an industrial manufacturing, distribution and product environment.

As a self-driven business owner, I have successfully built businesses through start-ups, acquisition and growth and created a successful multi-state distribution business within the industrial sector. Today, I continue to own successful businesses which now operate under management. This has given me the ability to design effective solutions to help business owners maximise their outcomes particularly when it comes to exiting their business.

I am a growth-focused business developer with a passion for achieving the right customer outcomes and have developed many contacts and associates in the Industrial market and I use these contacts to add value to other business owners.

Calum MacRae

Business Consultant

Hi, I’m Calum, a consultant within the E.B.S. group. I’m married with two fantastic adult children. When not helping clients to achieve their business goals, I enjoy spending time with my family, entertaining/socialising with friends - attempting to solve the problems of the world and playing the occasional round of golf. 

     Prior to joining E.B.S., I spent most of my career in a variety of sales and management roles in a number of industries. I also have run my own business in the food manufacturing sector and have experienced the pains that most owners and businesses experience as they evolve – if you have made a mistake in business, I’m pretty sure I have also made that mistake.

     I am excited to bring my business knowledge and experience to help other business owners. My passion about the growth and development of others ensures I am completely committed to developing businesses and to help their owners in achieving their goals and dreams.

Peter Massouras

Business Broker
Hi, I'm Peter, I come to EBS with a vast array of business acumen and connections, including a strategic sales and marketing approach to business sales.
I am married to Jo-Ann with 1 child Ethan and love living in the bayside area. We love watching the AFL, Cricket, Fishing and when time permits, hitching a caravan up or flying somewhere we have never visited to explore the wonders of Australia.
I have been a business owner since 2001 and have worked with all types of businesses from single entities to large corporations. The first half of my working life was in the PABX and data networking world, whilst the second half was really all about sales. Sales is something that I really love; working with people to achieve their goals and gaining their trust is what gets me up in the morning.
Selling a business for some buyers can be a truly life changing experience and it's great to visit them later on to hear it was the best decision they ever made.

Jefferson Cabading

Sales Support

Hi, I’m Jeff, part of the support team working diligently in the background to improve the outcomes for the EBS clients.  I am a reliable, self-motivated, and efficient assistant who has over 12 years of business process experience. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Management.

My key skills are my time management and organisational skills along with my communication and multitasking capabilities. 

Within the EBS environment, I am responsible for finding buyers for the business that we have for sale and in generating new sales inquiries for both our business and the businesses of our clients.  I do this mainly through email and linked and Telesales campaigns. I also manage the backend buyer inquiry process for EBS

Outside of the work place, I have a love for cooking.  I can merrily state that my kitchen is my playground in every sense and I relish the creative process of cooking. I am also committed to making this world a better place to live in starting with myself.   I, like most people, have had some challenging experiences in my life which has made me who I am today, for which I am grateful. I believe in manifesting my own luck and I take responsibility for what I do and the decisions that I make.. With all I already have, I know that I’m on the right path and I will do my best to inspire others to live the way they feel like living as well.

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