Access to cash can be critical when you are growing your business and it can be very hard to come by.  It is clearly a huge financial advantage if you are able to get funding through one of the major banks with secured lending, however, in today's climate that is not always possible particularly without 2 years of trading. We work with a number of partners who may be able to provide funding for your business based on asset or cash flow lending.  

At Essential Business Services, we also offer short term cash flow business loans for approved clients or partners already engaged in one of our services.

Short term loans of between $5,000 & $350,000 can be made available for approved clients over terms of one month to two years while you establish long term loan arrangements with other lenders.

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Finance Calculator

Use the calculator below to find out what your monthly repayments may look like for your business purchase or short term funding requirements.

For business loans, banks will often allow a 6 year loan at rates of between 7-18% depending on the lender. If you are setting up a line of credit and securing against a property, your rates and terms will be more favourable.

Cash flow lenders will be in the 20% – 25% interest rate range on a 6 month to 2 year term

Enter the amount you wish to borrow, term and interest rate, to give you an idea of your repayments.

Loan term (years) : 5
Interest rate (%) : 10
Monthly payments $
per month
Total Principal Paid
Total Interest Paid

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