One 2 One Coaching

"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills
or talent that was previously hidden within an individual"

~ John Russell

Welcome to Essential Business Solution Coaching’s One 2 One Program – a `one on one' opportunity to get the help and advice you need to succeed.

We offer a collection of business aligned programs (coaching services) that can address and assist you to achieve your goals.

When it comes business coaching, we've "walked the walk" - so we can "talk the talk"!

One of the first questions people ask of a coaching service before deciding to engage in it to help with their issues is...

What past experiences do you have to qualify your businesses abilities to help me?

It's a very fair question.

Most people looking for a business or personal coaching service want to deal with an organisation who has experienced success on similar or the same issues they are seeking advice on.

Here at EBS Coaching we have coaching services designed to assist many varied business experiences. In all honesty, there's every chance one of our coaching services has been used to tread the same path they you are currently on. If
you feel more comfortable being assigned a coaching service (and a coach) you feel ticks that box to assist you on your coaching program, that's great! We can do this. However, sometimes the best coaching services and coaches are the ones that deliver the best advice and work on a on level that educates and guides you, not simply shares experiences.

Jamie Zuidema, the founder of EBS Coaching, also shares that he has learnt more through the mistakes that he has made in business than through all of the successes that he has had.

Business Coaching

EBS Coaching work with business owners and the key leaders in the business to create great cultures and environments that connect with the core values of the business. Most managers and owners spend the majority of their time juggling
staff, struggling for sales, managing cash flow and battling against a lack of time and resources. With a Coaching one 2 one program we provide cutting edge models and thinking for these problems and many more to take your business to a best practice operation.

The core of everything we do at EBS coaching is education – our aim is to provide business owners and the key leaders of businesses the ability to create great cultures and environments that connect with the core values of the business through collaboration and communication.

To find out more, simply give us a call or send us an enquiry.  We offer a free one hour consultation - what do you have to lose?