How Saleable is your Business?

Selling your business can often be an emotional and confusing time - sell now, sell later, stay, or wind it up? Where do you start?


The first step in deciding the future of your exit from your business is to educate yourself and understand your position to enable you to make solid plans.

We offer free advice to business owners to discuss how saleable your business is, what you can expect to achieve on the open market and can work through obtaining a clear understanding of your net cash out with you post sale. We offer explanations of the process and what's ahead with your best options to sell your business fast, and at the right price to obtain your financial outcomes.

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Is my Business Saleable?

Is your Business a Franchise?

Do you work in the Business?

Do you have up to date Profit & Loss Statements & Financial Data?

Is your revenue:

Are you paying yourself a wage or taking drawings of greater than $50,000 per year?

Is your wage + drawings + nett profit?

Is your business easy to hand over & train someone to operate it (within 1-2 months)?

Are 'YOU' the business - ie you are a sole operator with no staff and the business is heavily reliant on your personal relationships with your clients?

Is everything computerised to be able to show daily sales, product sales, stock on hand etc?

Do you have a leased premises?

Scalability - Is your business currently operating at its full potential?

Are you open to vendor finance? (where you finance an incoming buyer)

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