Financial Year 2019 Mastermind Event dates are shown  in the calendar below:

 Time:          - 2 hour Mastermind session to be monthly starting at 4pm. 
                        -12 - 15 minute Business challenge per business each meeting.
                       - 90 minutes of the mastermind time will be dedicated to the discussions relating to the challenges.
                       - 30 minute workshop relating to specific topics will be held directly afterwards as per the list below.

Location: - 91 Watt Rd, Mornington

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Financial Year 2019 Mastermind Event dates are shown  in the calendar below:

1 -2 hour Business Workshops are conducted at 91 Watt Road in Mornington.

They are followed by a networking / Social gathering at a local Mornington facility

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Mastermind & Business Boosters Workshop events are free for current E.B.S. coaching clients, business sellers and buyers and their associates.

If you are not a current E.B.S. client,  however you are interested in attending one of our workshops to `see how they work,' simply send us an email via the contact link at the bottom of the page below with the heading `I'd like to attend the Mastermind or workshop event name (and the date of workshop you are interested in attending, along with your details and we will contact you to confirm your place at the event.



You can book your seat by clicking on the BOOK NOW link at the end of each event as bookings open up. This will direct you to our Eventbrite page to complete your registration. Should you have any issues in completing your registration please do not hesitate to contact us !



DAte                     |   TYPE                  |  CONTENT (PRESENTER)



1st Feb  (Fri 3pm)                   Workshop                          Ultimate Influence - The art of Selling  (E.B.S.)

8th Feb   (Fri 8am)                 Workshop                          GOOGLE marketing behind the scenes

13th Feb (Wed 4pm)           Mastermind                      LEADERSHIP - In Business                                                                                                      Contact us for direct bookings  

22nd Feb  (Fri 3pm)              Workshop                          Preparing & Selling your business   (Essential Business Services)

MARCH 2019

8th Mar   (Fri 8am)                   Workshop                               BE YOUR OWN BRAND - Eat, Sleep, Brad, repeat (Ideas Ministry)

13th Mar  (Wed 4pm)        Mastermind                       FEAR - The Impact On You and Your Business                                                             Contact us for direct bookings  


APRIL 2019

12th Apr (Fri 8am)                   Workshop                                Facebook & Instagram Marketing

10th Apr (Wed 4pm)          Mastermind                        PROFILING - Developing a Great Team                                                                          Contact us for direct bookings  


MAY 2019

3rd May (Fri 3pm)                    Workshop                                 Fairwork & Contractors Vs Employees

10th May   (Fri 8am)                Workshop                                Creative Tools for Everyday Biz

15th May (Wed 4pm)         Mastermind                         DANGERS OF DISCOUNTING - Impact on bottom line                                     Contact us for direct bookings  


June 2019

12th Jun (Wed 4pm)           Mastermind                        CORE. IMPROVE. INNOVATE - Growing Your Business                                     Contact us for direct bookings  

14th June (Fri 8am)             Workshop                            Print Marketing lives on! Why YOU need it.  


JULY 2019

10th July   (Wed 4pm)          Mastermind                      STAFF APPRAISALS - Importance and Value                                                              Contact us for direct bookings  



See something you would like to attend - simply CLICK HERE - and send us an email to say which event you would like to attend. We will confirm your place on receipt.