Thinking of Selling?

Stage 1 - Planning

On average it takes 6-9 months for a business to be sold once it has hit the market in Metropolitan Areas. Regional areas can take between 12 & 24 months.

Planning and preparation are critical. We recommend any business owner to start talking to a broker or business Consultant 18 – 24 months before they physically want to exit the business to maximise the sales value of the business. There are a number of changes you can make to your business to increase its saleability and price.

Stage 2 – Appraisal & Preparation

As a part of the appraisal process, you need to have a clear idea of what price you can expect to achieve for your business and create a plan to ensure you are and your business is fully prepared for the steps ahead.  This plan should also establish a strategy for you to achieve your desired outcomes and timelines.

We offer a free of charge - no obligation appraisals to any business owner thinking of selling. 

Stage 3 – Documentation & Marketing

Having the Financial reports and necessary documentation for your business is critical for any successful Business Sale marketing campaign.  You will need to prepare your due diligence information, advertisements and other marketing information to attract a suitable buyer.  This information also needs to be in a format that is suitable for the buyer's accountant and bank because most sales do not happen without these parties providing their green light. 

A good marketing campaign should see your business mass marketed across multiple platforms such as Business for sale websites, registered buyer databases, social media, telemarketing, and email campaigns.

Stage 4 – Negotiations and offers

Once the interest in your business comes it is essential that the negotiation and offer stage is managed to maximise the sales value of your business and the conditions for the sale of your business.

Once both parties are in agreeance documentation and preparation of the offer need to be completed in a format required by your lawyer to ensure your legal fees are kept to a minimum and the chances of a deal falling over are minimised.

Stage 5 – Due Diligence, Settlement, Handover

This is the stage where a high percentage of general business sales fall over and can cause a lot of disruption and pain to sellers. Attention to detail and communication is critical to ensure all parties are on the same page and working towards a successful handover.

We pride ourselves on our track record to successfully complete transactions due to our thorough methods and communication.  We don’t go anywhere. We project manage the settlement process with the vendor, the buyer, the lawyers, accountants, and the banks.

Your Options For Selling

Full Broker Service

Our most common service for owners that want to get their business on the market. This service provides all the stages covered above and ensures that your business sale value is maximised in the shortest time.

It is widely accepted that the costs to engage in a full broker service results in a much better financial outcome for a vendor after costs.

For this service, there are costs associated to prepare and market your business, along with a commission payable on the successful settlement of your business.

Sell it yourself

A low cost alternative to the Full Broker service. We provide an appraisal for your business, your documentation and market your business as described through Stage 1 – 3.

Once a buyer enquiry is received and a confidentiality agreement is completed, we will forward the enquiry to you to deal directly with potential buyers.

We will provide you with summary details of how to complete stages 4, 5 and 6 yourself.

This option suits typically single owner operator small businesses. 2 hours of phone and email support is included to assist you as required through the process.

Handover & Settlement Service

Occasionally a vendor will already have a buyer with an agreed offer but simply does not have the experience to complete the transaction. We offer a cost-effective settlement and handover service to complete stage 5 with you and your buyer to ensure you can complete the sale effectively and legally.

Exit strategies, Consulting & Coaching, Courses

We offer per hour consulting, coaching and exiting planning for all vendors. Whether it be assisting in 'getting ready for sale', determining your best course of action and timeline given your personal situation or ultimately working with you to achieve your long term goals. Check out our coaching packages for more information.

We also offer 12 month business courses to educate yourself in the process of selling your business, and how to best prepare your business in advance to achieve the Maximum sale value.

Free Resources

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