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Many business owners often comment that they don't believe their business is worth anything to anyone. If you are making money out of your business and ideally making more than you would doing an equivalent paid job elsewhere, you may just be surprised!. We offer a no obligation free appraisal service to gain knowledge into what your business may sell for on the open market. Even if you do not have any intention of selling or exiting your business in the next  two - three years, we would still encourage you to get in contact with us to help put your plans in place and ensure you are ready when the time comes. 

This is a critical step in the process. Appraisals are slightly different to valuations. Valuations are handy if you are refinancing, reviewing insurances or are often required in separation settlements - each valuation often varying with it's intended purpose.  A valuation considers all the assets and debts in the business to draw a net position for you at the time it is valued.

Our Appraisal process is very similar to the valuation process. We get to know your business, what are the strengths are, the weaknesses, your competitive edge, your customer types and areas serviced, any threats,  and more so - how reliant is the business on you as the owner or is / can be it run under management?

We use a number of methods including comparative sales, earnings multiples,  business goodwill and net present value to be able to establish a price that we can discuss with you to establish the gaps between your expectations and the price the business will likely sell for. 

It is best to get this process completed as early as possible as it may also show that in some instances you may not be able to sell the business today as the business sale will simply will not give you the `net cash out' that you are looking to achieve.  In this instance we will formulate a plan with you to show you how to set some goals to bridge this gap with a bit of elbow grease and hard work!

To establish a true `net cash out' understanding we recommend that you seek tax advice from your accountant prior to gain an understanding of any C.G.T. issues and any other issues that may affect you in the process.


 To be able to provide you with the most accurate appraisal we request you provide us with 

  • The Last three (3) Financial year lodged Tax Returns - if you have had the business this long
  • The Last three (3) Financial years  Profit & loss Statements  -from your accounting package
  • Yearly PAYG Summaries - to show what your staff including owners were paid in wages
  • Year to Date Profit & Loss Statement from your accounting package
  • Copy of your current executed lease and any reassignment documents.


Other information that is helpful for us  

  • Asset List & Depreciation Schedules
  • Weekly Staff Roster or Management structure
  • Details on any expenses that are non business related
  • If you carry inventory, stock listings and turn rates.

Naturally the more we know about your business and `your competitive edge' the better we can appraise your business. If you do not have the above information readily available, don't stress, we can will discuss this with you when we contact you.



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It's interesting that we have budgets for sales, we manage our costs, our cash-flow, our active customers and collections -  but rarely do we track the price our business may achieve on the open market to ensure it is growing in the upward direction year on year... contact us for your free appraisal - you could be pleasantly surprised!