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Everyone of our key staff at E.B.S. possesses one key element - they have been there themselves!

Our group of certified, accredited coaches and business brokers, have walked the walk, so they knowingly 'talk the talk' through rich and successful experiences when it comes to coaching and business ownership.

Experienced in a wide variety of industries and across all stages of the business life cycle and general life, the advice they garner is definitely not based on guesswork. We understand an approach that works for one person or business may not work for another.

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At EBS we break a business into 4 key areas and we work in each of these areas to ensure they are in alignment with each other and you.

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Buy a Business

We have a number of businesses that are for sale 'off-market' and businesses coming up. Search for your dream business.

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Sell a Business

There are a number of changes you can make to your business to increase its saleability and price. Not every business is saleable.

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We work with a number of partners who may be able to provide funding for your business based on asset or cash flow lending.

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01 Dec 2020

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