Business Sales are complex and fragile - but it can't be that hard right?

It's a buyers market right now. Buyers are savvy, well informed, and are less likely to `take a punt' on a business. Feedback from our buyer surveys is that the number one frustration is the inability to get accurate and complete information available when first enquiring on a business.

There are three fundamental stages in a business sale that are critical to get right. It is important to understand these stages in order to give you the best chance at selling your business in the shortest amount of time, for the best price.

Stage One

At Essential Business Services, we take the time to understand your business. We ensure that your business is prepared correctly, priced realistically, and that the supporting documents and business profiles are in check and available for a motivated buyer. 

Stage Two 

Marketing the business. Once the business is prepared, we use a number of ways to attract a buyer. We advertise across all the main business websites - there are 100's of them. However, only only a few of them produce 97% of the buyer enquiries - we cover these. We have qualified buyers registered with us, who are ready to buy a business, if yours matches their needs we can move quickly. Our networks are all aware of businesses we have for sale and in turn they may offer your to one of their clients. What we can assure you of is that anyone looking for a business like yours, in a particular price range and your area, will know your business is on the market!

Once a buyer is engaged, we spend the time to  qualify them as a genuine buyer. It can take anywhere from 15-20 enquiries to gain one (1) genuine buyer. A lot of time and effort goes into matching buyers to businesses, protecting your confidential information whilst also ensuring the buyer has funding in place.

Stage Three 

Negotiations, contracts, due diligence, training, settlement, and handover.  Some business brokers will stop once a sale document is signed and leave the rest to you and your lawyer to finish off the process - this is where a business sale often falls over.

We do not go anywhere.

We see it through to final settlement. It's a simple philosophy; we don't get paid until you do, therefore it's in our best interest to make sure settlement goes through smoothly and successfully.



  •  Sell it yourself
    If you happen to have a buyer already and have agreed a price and the terms - but now you are not sure where to go with it all -  we can offer assistance via our handover and settlement service.  This may be particularly useful if you find you have a staff member that wishes to buy your business. There are no Commissions payable on this service.

  • Capitalise on our preparation & marketing packages - but deal directly with the buyers yourself
    We understand that using a full broker service can be expensive. While we expect that we will easily cover our costs during the sale process, we also recognise that for low cost businesses (say less than $100K) the costs can be restrictive to a vendor. With this in mind we offer our expertise in preparing your business, utilising our full exposure marketing packages for a low cost investment - No commission is payable on this service.  Again if you get stuck later the option is there to use our handover and settlement service as mentioned above. 

  • Full Broker Service   
    This is the service of choice and the one we recommend. We get to know the business - we have to! as we are the ones that are dealing with the buyers and their associates to get you the best price in the shortest amount of time. We prepare the business, take advantage of full exposure marketing programs,  contact likely buyers and similar businesses looking to acquire or expand,  our brokers working are working for you to get you the best result. We project manage the process throughout the settlement and handover period.  We often receive comments about how we have managed to get the best price and by project managing the process have also kept legal and other fees to a minimum. We are here to make the process as painless as possible for you and your buyer. You will have enough to do handing over the business, without trying to keep track of where everything is up to!


If you are interested in discussing how we can help you, feel free to contact us via email, or phone, or alternatively please complete the simple enquiry and questionnaire below and we will contact you to discuss the next steps.




Want to know if your business is saleable?  We've designed a short 2 min quiz to assist you. 






Sell it yourself 

you have the buyer and have agreed price and terms. consider our settlement and handover service.  No commissions are payable for this service.


Low cost service 

 Utilise our preparation services and maximum exposure marketing. You deal with the buyers and settle the business yourself.  If you get stuck the settlement and handover service is available to you at an additional cost. No commissions are payable.


Full Broker Services

Our most popular service for vendors that just want to get on with business while we do the work in finding your buyer. Preparation, marketing, negotiations and settlement services are all included. Commissions vary depending on the size of the business.