UPSKILL WITH AN Essential business services WORKSHOP

Along with our coaching services, we run a range of highly valuable and insightful workshops. EBS workshops aim to provide niche information on general areas of business, making them the perfect introduction to the Essential Business Services Coaching platform. We can also present a workshop to a business and help you engage your staff in an area of expertise you'd like them to improve in or understand better.

Below is the list of current EBS Workshops we offer.

Each is unique and can be specially tailored to meet your own or a businesses objectives and required education outcomes.

Goal Setting
The importance of goal setting and how to set goals to transform your life or business.

What is real leadership and how do you become a great leader?

Body Language
How to interpret, understand and use Body Language. Only 7% of our communication is the words that are spoken.

The art of Communication. How to ensure that you are getting the results that you desire from your communication.

ESIP your business to create your businesses culture from the top down.

Disc Profiling
A premium profiling tool that unlocks the secrets of your key drivers and helps you to understand why you may struggle to understand other people.

The Ultimate Influence Program – the thinking behind the sales process

The secrets to marketing and how to use them in your business.

Finding your Core Advantage
Thinking of starting a business? Discover your core advantage and what business you would be suited too.

Custom Workshops
Looking for a specific area of improvement. We can tailor a workshop to suit you or your team's requirements.

Time Management
Learn to value your time and more effectively manage it.

Creating a Business Plan
Develop a business plan to give you a direction and map to follow to achieve your short and long term goals.

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