Communication vs Selling

Calum MacRae Dec 11, 2019

Many business owners we talk to either feel really uncomfortable about the word ‘sales’, or don’t believe they are required to sell. The truth is that we all promote ourselves or our business, in some way, many times every day. Are you a salesperson or a great communicator?

Being ‘salesy’ or making the conversation all about you, is a recipe for failure.

Our number one tip: It is not about you, so do not make it about you.

How often have you spoken with a person you have met for the first time and they have talked and talked for 90% of the conversation, telling you all about what they do and how they do it? It happens a lot.

How do you feel after that conversation ends? Do you feel a sense of connection with that person? Do you want to connect with them again? It’s unlikely, so don’t make that mistake with other people. 

So, how do you get your point across without doing all the talking?

1. Ask questions like a crazy person.

Let them talk, but make sure it’s about what is relevant to you and your product or service. This allows you to add value by telling a story or adding some insights that may be of benefit to them. Once you have added your story or insight, ask another question.

2. Control the conversation.

By asking questions, you will control the conversation and where it goes. This ensures that you give yourself the best opportunity to show your potential client all the benefits of dealing with you. It also helps your client to understand where they may have a gap in their thinking or knowledge that you can help with. As an added bonus, because you are responding to their conversation, you will not come across as a know-it-all or show-off.

3. Listen.

Really listen. And respond with relevance. Many conversations are one-sided, where one person tries to showcase how good they are, or what they can do. As a result, the receiver often leaves the conversation feeling negative rather than valued or heard.


If someone feels valued, then they are likely to trust you in the future. People will only buy from you if they trust you.

A simple, effective and ‘non-salesy’ communication formula is:

  • Create stories around the benefits of your product or service
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Listen and respond with relevance

If you do all that, you will not be selling. You’ll be communicating, enjoying the conversation and creating trust. The sales will come as a result.

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