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Calum MacRae Jan 22, 2020

‘I have set goals before and never achieved them. They don’t work.’ Does this sound familiar? Have you said it yourself? I know I have.

Taking responsibility for our behaviours and actions can be extremely confronting, but the first step is to realise that your goals are not limited by race, age, sex, beliefs, religion, economic conditions in life, education, experience, etc.

The only thing that might limit your goals potential is YOU if you don’t work on it.  

How do your behaviours and actions ‘stack up’? 

What could you: 

  • STOP
  • Do LESS 
  • Do MORE

And what could you START?

Honest self-appraisal is an extremely difficult skill to master, but it has an enormous impact upon performance. It:

  • helps identify strengths and weaknesses early
  • improves overall development of you as an individual 
  • improves the overall performance of your team

Below is a chart from the Coaching Institute that will assist you with understanding which areas of behaviours and actions you need to focus upon to achieve your goals in 2020.

How do you ‘stack up’? (check out the link for the activity)

We’d love to know.



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