Goals - New Year

Calum MacRae Jan 30, 2020

New Year Goals 

NOW (whenever that maybe) is the best time to set your goals. The fact that this often coincides with the start of a new year is really a result of the psychology of our society – it feels good to make new plans at this time.

The symbolism of a new year, fresh start or clean state can be highly motivating. But the key to success is to ensure that the motivation to work towards your goals does not waiver. So don’t waste another year or your great ideas; create resourceful habits and achieve your own personal happiness.  


Be accountable

To those around you, including business partners, your staff, clients and yourself. Working with others, and including them in your vision, will motivate you to be accountable. A third party, such as a Business Coach, can also assist with motivation and making you accountable. (This is an unashamed advertisement.) 


Resourceful habits

Resourceful habits have a positive motivational influence upon all of us. To achieve your goals you will need to:

  • Not make excuses – If there are difficult tasks to be done, do them first
  • Outsource – Identify quickly what you can and cannot do regarding both skills and time and, if possible outsource these tasks to other parties. Remember that while they may never do these tasks as well as you, working with the 80/20 rule and educating the other parties will empower them, and allow you greater time to focus on your role.
  • Plan Set your goals and timelines, then arrange them in small chunks of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Do the difficult ones first and don’t make excuses for the rest.
  • Review – Regularly review and map your progress. Ensure that you, and your team, take the time to celebrate your small wins throughout the journey. Sometimes we get lost in planning for the future and forget about how far we have come. Celebrating the wins will continue to motivate you and your team, and encourage you to keep working to achieve your goals. 
  • Education – Continue to educate your team and yourself. With the ongoing availability of new technology and constantly changing platforms, there may be a better way to reach your goal. Education can come in many forms, such as networking, videos, podcasts and reading articles and books; all of which keep you motivated and up-to-date with the changing face of business.     

To set yourself up for success, be responsible for your future and commit to crushing the goals you set.  

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