Structure – Your Roadmap to Success

Calum MacRae Feb 24, 2020

Why do some businesses succeed, while others fail?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for this as every business has so many contributing factors, both in and outside your control. Focusing on those factors in your control is paramount to success, and creating a clear ‘Roadmap to Success’ is the perfect starting point.

Your ‘Roadmap’ will be unique as it is based upon your Mission and Vision statements. 

Consider – what and where are you currently? What and where do you ultimately want to be?

Many business owners have a dream but find it incredibly difficult to create an effective structure around their dream. It can be even harder to communicate their hopes and plans to the people who are going to help them make this dream happen. If you cannot do this simply and concisely, so others understand and want to ‘jump aboard’, it will be extremely difficult to achieve anything.

Roadmap to Success questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you have a clear set of priorities – written down and automated, not existing in someone’s head?
  • Do you have written procedures that include why we do them, so people fully understand why their processes and behaviours matter?
  • Do you set and monitor individual and team KPIs? And coach/mentor your team to achieve them?
  • Are all policies and procedures documented and accessible?


What does your unique roadmap look like? Will others be able to understand it and want to be in on the ride, helping you to achieve your dream? Analysis of your responses to the questions will show you where there may be gaps in your overall structure. Think about how to strengthen those gaps and provide clear direction to your stakeholders. We’ll explore ‘Implementation’ in next week’s blog.  

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