Calum MacRae August 19, 2020

Time is the perceived enemy of most small business owners. The fear of ‘not enough time’ to complete tasks can lead to a feeling of overwhelm which, in turn, creates higher stress levels for owners, staff and customers.

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Calum MacRae July 31, 2020

It’s a great question, but the answer may not be what you expect. Remember that the worth is determined by the person who wants to buy it. The price you want or need for your business has no relevance to the price a buyer will pay.

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Calum MacRae July 28, 2020

Generally speaking, we all look at financial results to establish the success of our business. While this is a tried and tested theory, the health of your business is actually the result of a number of other aspects and plans that have been put into place to create the final financial results.

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Calum MacRae July 17, 2020

The easiest and most obvious way to judge the health of a business is to look at its current financial results and review the results against previous years’ figures or budget.

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Calum MacRae June 19, 2020

Fear is in us all. It is how we deal with fear that changes the outcomes and results that we achieve. Fear stems from, and was a necessary requirement to keep us alive, back when we were hiding from predators in our caves.

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